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@zap It's 3 floors but very compact. An optimally placed router would only have to go through 2 barriers to reach every room in the house. Even a small mesh network would definitely blanket everything.

@ahuster @zap Yeah, a mesh might be nice. I do have 3 floors to cover, but it's a small house. I'll have to see if a router can cover it all from a central location. It's not going to be that hard to run wires either, though, which I would enjoy having even if everyone else just uses Wi-Fi.

@zap I'll check it out! My current router is just b/g/n, so it's probably due for an upgrade.

I bought a house yesterday! Now comes the best part: figuring out how to network it. Does anyone have any things that they love about their home networking setup?

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@drdrang It looks right in all the iOS apps I tried, but yeah, there’s a box after it on the web. Looks like it might be “Variation Selector 16”, the invisible character that means “make this look like an emoji and not a Wingding”


@huxing The Apple Watch notifications for Toot! have the picture before the text and it's weirdly large, so when @marlies followed me it was like someone just texted me a picture of her face

Fixed!!! The background task manager was downloading things somewhere inaccessible to the web server. Just had to merge the contents of those directories to a shared volume.

*adds Docker to resume*

It's super cliche to toot about Mastodon on Mastodon... but now my instance isn't showing new avatars or attachments 😭

@tactidact Yep! I got to learn about Docker and I learned to listen to the docs when they say to not just `git checkout master` 😋